TNT Graphic Image Gallery


Thanks to TNT Member "thrutraffic" for the generous efforts and outstanding graphics.

No items or products are offered or available for purchase but, all images are free for download for a personalized custom experience.

Try "Full Screen" mode for a closer look (click escape to return) or click any single image in the catalog and use the easy zoom tool for expanded view. This is a collection of jpg. and png. images, some jpg's are for white backgrounds... some are for black backgrounds; the png's are transparent backgrounds for printing on any color fabric or souvenir. 

You can even download all the images in a single 53mg zip "Download" right side of page. Or, download the single images you want to print and copy them to a thumb drive to take to your fav staples, kinko's or professional print center...CLICK AN IMAGE YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD..IT WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW....THEN CLICK IT AGAIN TO EXPAND TO FULL SIZE...THEN RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TO FILE ON YOUR PC

or, just take the web address and have them pull up the webpage, you select the images you like and he can resize any of them to work on clothing, posters or other items....have fun!

Techie Version....There are a total of 37 files (300 dpi, RGB), some JPG, some PNG "duplicates". The JPG files are all logo-on-white, and can be used for many purposes on white backgrounds. Some shirt/cup suppliers may be able to work with these JPGs on darker/color backgrounds by deleting the white. However, the PNG files are intended to remedy this. All the PNG files are logo-on-transparent, and can be used on any color background, for the most part.

That said, some of the logos have black lettering that would not show up well on dark/black backgrounds, or white stars that would not show up on light/white backgrounds, so I made different versions to address this. You’ll see that the PNGs have incorporated into their filenames how they should be used. For instance – logoname_on_transparent_for_dark_back, or logoname_on_transparent_for_light_back. For best results, they should be used as the filename indicates. There are also a few without the white/black elements that would work on any background – logoname_on_transparent_any_back.

Non-Techie Version.... simply download all versions of the logo you like, take them all to the printer, and let the printer choose whichever file works the best for what you want to print